Should I choose expensive or cheap sports tights?

It is known "you get what you pay for". The same goes for leggings. That is approximately. You can pay a lot of money in a well-known brand, but the quality is the same as our leggings that you will find much cheaper.

In our collection, leggings under € 22 belong to the category basic . Which means you will do your job just fine but if you want it for some intense use of fitness, then you better take a look at the more expensive ones.

Everything from € 22 to € 30 belongs to the category Value which means that not only will it satisfy you, but the money you will spend will be worth it down to the last euro. See e.g. the Monochrome with low waist and Fashionable.

Leggings that are from € 30 and up, belong to the category Premium , which means that now their quality is the best and will meet your highest requirements for excellent fit, endurance and comfort in the most intense exercise. See e.g. the Fit control, the Compression or the Slim Push-up.

So now, you know, buying a pair of leggings for € 18.99 will not take the Parthenon with you. If you want to get a pair of leggings that will last over time, take a look at the most expensive ones, from € 24-25 and up.

Good shopping!

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